It's in Your Eyes
Gaze Based Image Retrieval in Context

EyeVisionBot in a museum A small book on a system aiming at enabling people to search images by looking at images.
A discussion of that system in context.
A context made of eye tracking in art and science, cybernetics, the interface, closed circuits, human computer interaction, image retrieval, surveillance, search systems, interaction design, user modeling and modeling the user. A non-disciplinary bricolage.

52 pages, many colored images. Published by the ZKM | Institute for Basic Research in cooperation with Media Art Net and edited by Hans H. Diebner.

Buy a hardcopy via the ZKM museum shop or download it as free pdf.

If you want to quote anything from the book, you may use a bibtex entry. Pages of the pdf versions are identical to those of the hardcopy.